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I'm a little nervous to talk so openly about having therapy as I am a very private person, I felt embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I needed help! I thought therapy was sitting in a room and talking about your feelings (which I find really hard to do!) But I'm so glad I did!

When I first came to see Danielle I was having trouble sleeping which was caused by depression and anxiety, I couldn't stop my thoughts going round and round in my head!

I had been given tablets from the doctor to help me sleep which worked eventually but didn't solve the problem. I had been signed off work because of this but when I went back it continued. I started relaxation therapy for a couple of weeks which really made a huge difference in my sleeping pattern, I was given a recording to listen to every night and after a couple of weeks I stopped taking the tablets. I had previously done therapy sessions recommended by the doctor but none of them compare to the sessions I done with Danielle. She made me feel so comfortable and gave me an understanding of how my brain works when holding onto negative thought patterns and how to break into positive thoughts and behaviour.

I implemented this into my daily routine and I noticed a huge difference In my confidence just by focussing on the positives in my day to day life rather than all the things that went wrong (or so I thought). The biggest boost is when my family, friends and colleagues had noticed a change in me aswell, I was being told how positive and happy I was to be around. Don't get me wrong, I still have the odd day where old habits arise but Danielle has given me the tools and knowledge of how to deal with this and now no problem will ever set me back to how I felt before! Im feeling more like myself again and I can't thank Danielle enough xx

I also done phobia therapy for my irrational fear of spiders! I would always walk into a room and scan for spiders before I could sit down and relax. I never went into my shed and hardly ever sat in my conservatory as I knew they would be in there. In the past I have phoned people or even asked strangers passing by to come and get them out of the house! After doing the therapy with Danielle I can walk into a room without freaking out if I see a spider, I can now just let it be in the corner although I keep an eye on it incase it moves. I was recently tested when I stayed in a 250 year old house in the countryside full of wooden beams (which spiders love) I could see lots of cobwebs around the beams but I didn't panic at all about the spiders that made them. I still scanned the room before going to sleep just to make sure a spider wasn't hanging over my head. There would of been NO WAY I could of stayed in that room before having therapy just because if the cobwebs.

I am really proud of myself although I still haven't caught 1 yet but I'm sure I will be brave enough when I need to. Thank you Danielle for helping me with this as it is ridiculous to think how much my fear affected my life.


This has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my anxiety and if I’m honest I didn’t actually realise how anxious I was on a daily basis. I started seeing Danielle once a week and I’d say that things started to improve after about 5 sessions.

Before going on a night out or event I’d feel a bit nervous but would also have hot sweats, upset tummy and sometime palpitations.. this was especially the case for a new venue or an event where I had to be at a location at a certain time such as a wedding, made worse if I was driving. I also used to feel like I was fighting off what I imagine a panic attack would feel like. I’m now at a point where I’ve not been nervous at all on some occasions and no more upset tummy. It’s really strange and I’m not even sure why this works but it does!

I no longer go into panic mode over an issue in work… now feeling like I’m okay with the problems and can find the solutions to solve them. Although I’m not entirely over anxieties and unnecessary worry, I’m certainly on the right path and now have some tools and mind set to continue improving my life with positive thinking to overcome life’s obstacles. Understanding how our brain works and the importance of sleep, exercise and how the way in which we think can effect our lives has really helped me see life from a more positive prospective and has allowed me to be less anxious. Amazing 🤩 I 100% recommend Danielle.


I had hypnotherapy with Danielle for ocd .l have suffered with anxiety since my early teens which resulted in obsessive checking behaviours which became harder and harder to control . I have had therapy before but didn't really get it under control and I just became used to this behaviour.

since seeing Danielle I feel like a fog in my mind is clearing, I feel like I have the confidence to challenge these behaviours and ask myself why am I doing this and is this behaviour actually making me feel any less anxious which obviously it doesn't it just becomes a viscous circle . I have been listening to the recording Danielle gave me every night which helps me relax and clear my mind.

I have definitely benefited from my sessions with Danielle and would definitely recommend having them. I have been challenging myself to do things that I would never have had the confidence to do before having therapy. obviously I still have days when my obsessive checking creeps back in when I'm feeling anxious about something ,but I feel like I now have the confidence and tools to challenge the behaviour and stop it from spiralling out of control.


I’ve had a few different types of therapy. None of them have had the effects Danielle’s hypnotherapy has had on me. Danielle is a natural. I’ve been listening to Danielle’s hypnotherapy every night for a few weeks. It’s changed my life. I get a good nights sleep. And I’ve really noticed the change in my mindset. The way I feel and my thought process. Thank you so much xxx

I went back to danielle to help with my phobia of spiders after seeing her for anxiety confidence and sleep issues. I was traumatized by spiders as a child and have always been scared of them . I’d always do a spider check of my whole home constantly looking for spiders and worrying about them. After doing the therapy sessions with Danielle I cannot believe the change in my attitude towards spiders. I’ve caught a spider on tissue and Casually put it out the window 😃.

I’ve slept in a room with a huge spider all weekend whilst away with my friends. I’ve even seen a spiders in my home and judt left them and totally forgot about them. Thank you so much again Danielle this has changed my life for the better. Keep doing what you do because you’re 100% helping people in so many ways 🥰. Xxx


I have been lucky enough to have had therapy with Danielle. I have had a obsession with coke cola since a very young age to the point I was drinking 20 bottles a week which I needed to change after a session with Danielle I was already on my way to a big change in my life I now drink healthier and feel amazing for it plus no more carrying 20 bottles of coke 😝 not one bottle goes in my shopping trolly anymore fantastic achievement thanks to Danielle.

I also had a session on confidence which has had a amazing impact on me feeling truly amazing full of life and focused can’t thank Danielle enough Absolutely amazing 🤩


I Had hypnotherapy with Danielle for my fear of spiders, which ruled my life. I looked for them everywhere I went and was always on edge. When I did come a across a spider I would be in a shear state of panic, start sweating,etc. This has now effected my kids too.

After having my hypnotherapy I instantly felt different , when I first see a spider, I didn’t panic, I was a lot more calm and rational . I was even able to get it under a glass and take it out. I can go into garages and sheds without feeling creeped out. And pull my sofa out to hoover without fear hahaha. She also gave me a recording to listen to at night which helped me sleep better and has made me feel a lot more positive and happy.

I have learnt so much about the brain and how it works. I fully recommend Danielle to anyone, she put me at ease from the start and is very kind and understanding.


Dani has helped my husband with anxiety etc. he has recovered well. Would thoroughly recommend Dani. Thank you

SAYS Daphne Payne Facebook

Being in the medical field you become quite tunnel visioned regarding alternative therapies and medicines. I have also been very sceptical throughout my life about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but here comes the pun, “don’t knock it till you have tried it”...

Danielle has a fantastic approach in how she delivers her therapy and teaching you the science behind it, helping you to retrain your brain, work through your anxiety, OCDs, fears, negative manifestations, irrational thoughts and so much more.

At the time Danielle helped me I was going through an extremely tough time in my personal life, family life and work life. She helped and gave me the tools to deal with daily challenges, old OCDs that started to resurface due to stress and anxiety and also to train my brain into making new positive behaviours which are now positive habits.

Everything about this therapy I cannot rate high enough. I now promote Danielle and her therapy to parents, children and families within my area of profession. It absolutely compliments other NHS services and is also an alternative when you think there’s no referral that can help you.

I sleep better, I no longer obsess about irrational fears and thoughts, I have reduced my pain management, I never have Caffeine after 12noon, i know what is important for my mental health naturally and physically, I understand when I’m in my primitive brain and how to deal with that and most of all I have learnt how to look after “ME”.... so that I can continue to look after mine (my family).

This therapy is not your run of the mill counselling sessions where you are forced to repeatedly talk about the problem, open up old wounds, relive trauma, be buried in your grief...... and to be asked ever 5 mins “well how do you feel about that?”. Solution focused therapy is speaking about your problem once, never repeating it again, finding practical, realistic, achievable solutions to overcome your problems and resolve what your brain is telling you you never will.

And most importantly making it stay a positive habit/solution for life.

What doesn’t seem possible, Danielle helps you to make it possible it truly is worth every penny.

I am so grateful and thankful for Pure Positivity 🙏🏽💖 thank you for helping me Danielle.

SAYS Jo Taylor Facebook

Pure Positivity Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been incredibly influential in changing my life for the better. It has allowed me to lead a better life through freeing myself of many of the negative effects of anxiety through a mix of learning and application of calming techniques, all of which are helpful and insightful, which I would recommend to anyone finding their life more difficult, whether it be your thinking, your actions and your overall outlook on life.

When I had my first session with Danielle, I was in the middle of a low point in my life where I struggled to perform the most basic of actions of my life because of my negative feelings. The process is simple and easy to understand even at first. It can involve asking simply for 10 good things that happened in your life recently, and as the sessions continue you begin to think more about those good things in life. Before I first started the sessions, a lot of my memories were incredibly negative, ranging from embarrassing moments from my childhood or to fearful recollections of events I wish I could forget. However, after my sessions with Danielle, many of these negative memories are pushed away. I dwell on them far less frequently and, in some cases, make light of them and can gain new positive insights from these sessions.

Another part of the sessions is a brief analysis of human psychology. Danielle’s explanations are easy to understand and incredibly insightful, even if some of the scientific words may confuse or elude memory. The simplification of the complicated processes of the human mind provide explanations and answers as to why you may feel a certain way at a certain time.

The hypnotherapy may sound ridiculous at points but it is incredibly effective, granting you a small, peaceful window to breathe, something you may feel you rarely have at points. The music played is calming and Danielle’s calm words have an almost whimsical aura that provide respite and a new perspective. The recording of this hypnotherapy is also very useful for people struggling to sleep, as it can be played before going to sleep to help people like me who struggle to just lay in bed and fall asleep, providing multiple ways to help people. 

Danielle also has a method to keep track of your progress in a meaningful way. By going through multiple feelings, such as how positive you feel or how much you feel you have used your strengths every day and how interactive you feel you are being with the people around you. By creating a graph, Danielle presents how much progress you are making per session, and it can be staggering at points.

Danielle is a lovely, understanding person who will support you over the course of the sessions. If you struggle to find your words she gives you the time and assurance you need, and even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing something she’s accepting of that too. Her room is small yet simple and calming, and a free water bottle is provided and you’re free to use it or leave it if you desire.

Pure Positivity is something I can not recommend enough. The help that Danielle provides is insightful and providing for all types of people while not being forced or intrusive. If you feel as though life has become difficult and you’re struggling to cope, I would recommend giving Pure Positivity a try.

SAYS Jake Facebook

I just wanted to say ive had 6 hypnotherapist sessions with danni , I have suffered with anxiety and depression and the past few years have been at my worst ,I've had cbt counselling but yet I still lacked the motivation to leave my house , so I looked into hypnotherapy and found danni I must say my life has changed I can't believe I can't wait to go out now ,she helped me to understand why I was going into panic mode and how to help myself overcome my anxiety and the sessions were so positive I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their mental health we just need that kick start to help us have a better outlook and worry no longer I highly recommend danni she has helped me so much .

SAYS Hannah Facebook

Iam 44, have a family, full time job, a normal life,

But I have always struggled with my mood,

Always ( most of the time) feeling feed up, or angry, which was affecting my family life, which also made my relationship with my 14 year old son really bad, we both have the same Interest's which should bring us closer together but it didn't, so this had a knock on affect with my wife resulting on us not getting on.

So I took to seeing Danielle purepositivity.

At first I was a little sceptical, didn't really no how talking would help, as I have had counciling in the past and suffer from Asperger's.

But after completing my sessions Iam and feel much better, Danielle has helped me understand how the brain works and how to train it to think in a more positive way,

Now iam a much more positive person.

From my sessions with Danielle I have learned that no matter what happens there is always something positive to look for, even if you are having a bad day at work, your lunch break is something positive, the birds singing, on a really hot day a nice glass of cold water is positive, helping someone, all these little things open your mind up in ways to help you think more positively, you need to learn how to get from your primitive mind to your positive mind once you have the tools to do this you will become more happy in life and in general. All good things you do or look for stimulate your mind in so many positive way, you will feel better 

Danielle is excellent at explaining and helping you understand the brain and how it works, and helping you understand the tools needed to live a much more positive happy life, 

Danielle is excellent at explaining this process, very friendly, I would highly recommend her,

Well worth the time and money

Thanks danielle


SAYS Tel Facebook

I just want to say a huge thanks to Dani for the past few months. I wasn’t sure, I have to admit. But, I am truly thankful that I decided to start sessions with you. What a year I’ve had so far but, you have definitely helped me to separate guilt and grief and how to handle them differently. If anyone out there is having a struggle, no matter what about, I can really recommend time with Dani. I was worried about ending my sessions but, knowing that Dani is there and I can call her for support in the future really does help.

SAYS Sally Facebook

I've just completed six sessions with Dani and I can honestly say it's changed my life.

She has helped me find to find the skills to think more positively, which has made a huge impact on my life.

My sleep has improved significantly and I now have the skills to help with my anxiety, which has also improved my general mental health. It's even had a positive impact on my home, social and working life. I was one step away from seeking help from my doctor but thanks to Dani I now don't need to make that call.

SAYS Jo Facebook

I finished my course with Danielle last month to help with my anxiety. I've got to say it was amazing and has helped me in so many ways. I have had a few things happen to me recently that before I saw dani would of sent me into a hole, however I took what I had Learnt took a deep breath and kept my head up and was able to not let the anxiety in or win. I can't thank her enough for help she has given me and I recommend anyone that is suffering with anxiety to make an appointment with her. You will not regret it ❤ thank you so much xxx

SAYS Anonymous Facebook

I have never been an open person when it comes to emotions and feelings I would just hide them away. I decided to start seeing Dani for therapy as I was experiencing high traits of ocd and anxiety I never believed any of this stuff would work as I had counselling on many occasions and it never helped but I knew I had to make some changes so I thought I would give therapy a try. I am so happy that I did go along with therapy sessions with Dani as it has helped me so much with only checking the switches once! Having more of a positive mindset towards things and gaining some of my confidence back which I thought would be impossible. Now I have had these sessions with Dani I have realised nothing is ever impossible you can always get there even if it means with help. I couldn’t thank Dani enough for helping me. My family and friends have noticed such a difference in me which makes it all worth it and really does make a positive impact. Therapy was a whole lot better than counselling with this type of therapy you talk about the good things.

Not only did Dani help me with ocd and anxiety she also prepared me for doing my test and done a reframe. I would honestly recommend Dani if you are suffering with any form of anxiety, ocd and mental health as this is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thankyou again danni 😊


SAYS Riley Facebook

When I first met Danielle I was a bit of a mess I wasn’t sleeping during the night and was drinking to much which I’m turn had an effect on my mental health. After a few session with Danielle and the tools she gave me to help me process everything that was going on I now feel like a completely different person I sleep all night and no longer turn to alcohol or other coping mechanisms that I was using. Thankyou so much Danielle You’ve helped turn my life around in a lot more of a positive manner x

SAYS K Facebook

I have just completed a series of sessions (6) with Dani. She is an amazing therapist. I sought her help because negativity brought on by stress and anxiety at work was dominating my life and I wanted change. The first consultation (which is free) sets the scene of what is to come. Dani explains things really well and covers what the sessions will entail. She also gives a really good description of how the brain works and how it reacts to stress. The sessions moving forward then give you the tools to control how your brain reacts and to limit what goes into your “stress bucket” I had no idea that I could be in charge of that!


The sessions are in a relaxed stress free environment and Dani is a good listener, empathic and very personable. The sessions are very positive and rather than focus on your problem, she concentrates on the solution and you cannot help but be energised by this approach. You leave feeling lighter and full of optimism for the future.


So now my time with her is over and I can honestly say my whole outlook has changed. I still get stress at work but I deal with it so differently now thanks to the tools she has given me to work with. Everyone has noticed the change in me and I am so much happier in my job. I am so glad I found her and would recommend her 100%.



SAYS Sandra A Facebook

I learnt alot from seeing Danielle. These sessions taught me about the mind, how it works and how we can look after it. These sessions also gave me the tools to overcome and deal with anxiety. I will continue using these tools going forward. Thank you for everything you were a massive help.

SAYS Jack Facebook

I have had PTSD for years now, but I was mostly struggling with my anxiety, having trouble sleeping and having nightmares. 

I've had a fair amount of therapy before, some being good and helpful, some not. My previous therapy had not worked out and had left me feeling very nervous and untrusting of trying any therapy again.

We found out about Danielle through a bunch of coincidences. 

And as soon as I met her I felt so much more at ease, she explained exactly how the therapy works and how the sessions would go. 

The sessions were great and during them I felt relaxed and comfortable. Not at all anxious about the next one.

One of the first changes I noticed was how my average levels of anxiety had gone down. I wasn't as irritable and I didn't feel overwhelmed over small things and inconveniences. I felt more relaxed in general. 

Before long I was able to leave the house and do things I haven't been able to do for years. Like going out for a meal, seeing family and even boring things like shopping. 

The recording Danielle gave me took a little while to get used to but once I did it made a massive difference to my sleep. Even over Christmas which is a very hard time for me and my nightmares are at their worst, I was able to sleep very well using the recording. When I put it on now, I fall asleep so quickly.

I loved learning about how my brain works and why. It really helped me understand why I was feeling and thinking this way and how to change it for the better. Finding the positives in everyday was difficult to start with especially noticing the small things but it got easier the more I did it. Not focusing on the negatives and being less critical and hard on myself has made a big difference to my moods and my mindset. I am now doing this with my mum, so we both are benefitting from it. 

It feels like my mindset has completely shifted and I couldn't be happier. All of my family have noticed this change in me and say how much happier and well I look. I still feel anxious at times but I notice it quicker and am much more confident now that I know how to deal with it. Thanks to everything that Danielle has taught me.

Having this therapy is one of the best choices I've made. The change that I see and feel is massive. I didn't think I'd be able to make so much progress in just a few months. And I know that if I needed more help Danielle will be there for me. She is amazing and has helped me more than I can say. Thank you so much for all your help. I would 100% recommend Danielle and this therapy to anyone who needs it. 

SAYS Amy Facebook

My friend recommended Dani to me for my PTSD relating to a dog-on-dog attack 4 years ago.

I had originally got my dog to help unwind after a stressful day at work (or my life in general), so having that pleasure taken away from me felt particularly cruel.

An approaching large or off-lead dog would result in my panicking, shouting out, trying to escape .. or all three.

Also, being peri-menopausal, when I could just about cope with life's stresses previously, I now found myself having random outbursts or tears, anywhere, in any situation.

I was living off my nerves & just wanted to feel like 'me' again.

So, I decided to treat myself for once & have a bit of 'me' time, and I'm so glad I did !

Dani worked wonders !

She instantly made me feel at ease. The sessions were interesting & enjoyable. I learnt simple (but very effective) techniques to take forward into my everyday life.

Im better able to calmly manage life's challenges. I can focus at work or home, and productivity has improved... and I feel better for it.

The dog walking is so much better. It's relaxing & enjoyable, and my dog agrees too !

My friends & family have noticed a positive change in me, AND in a very short space of time.

.. Just thinking about it, I feel great too ! - You helped me find me again.

So thank you for everything Dani, so very much. 


SAYS Teresa Facebook

After training in Hypnotherapy I knew how amazing it was but 1 hypnotherapy session with Dani and I drove over Saddlers Farm roundabout ON MY OWN!!!!! feeling amazing !!

SAYS Gemma Facebook

I've struggled with obsessive thoughts and overthinking for years, and I believed that it was a part of who I was and how my brain was wired - I never thought I'd be able to get better. Since visiting Dani my outlook on life has completely changed. I no longer think negatively & instead focus on the positives of life without any effort. My mind finally feels free and I am able to get through my day-to-day life with complete ease. Dani is an amazing therapist and always made me feel comfortable in every session. There was a part of me that was always sceptical about therapy in general, but it has ended up being the best thing I have ever done. I would definitely recommend visiting Dani - she's changed my life for the better.

SAYS Katie Facebook